Dogs and Summer Heat – These Tips May Save Your Dog’s Life

By Betsy Reinier

Dogs and Summer Heat – These Tips May Save Your Dog’s Life

By Betsy Reinier

The heat from the summer sun can be almost unbearable for us humans at times. We can turn on fans or even air conditioners to keep us cooler, but don’t forget about your dog who will also be suffering from the heat.

Below I have a few suggestions that may save your dogs life from the blistering heat of summer.

1. Air Conditioner – For people who own a kennel, the best thing for the dogs would be to have an air condition building that you can keep your dogs in when the temperature keeps climbing. After the heatwave, than they can go outside in their kennel runs so they are able to enjoy the cooler breeze of summer. (Note: I have kennel runs inside my building and kennel runs outside as well. I do bring my dogs inside the building every night around 9 pm. or so; no matter what the weather is. I feel the dogs are safer and it keeps the neighbors happy because they don’t hear any noise from the dogs during the night).

2. House dogs – If you only have house dogs and live in a super hot place during summer – having an air conditioner is a real plus for your dog(s) as well. During the hottest part of the day, the dog needs to be in the house. If the dog needs to go “potty,” make sure that the dog is not outside for too long. The dog can not survive without shade and plenty of water during a heatwave. (Note: I have a doggy door installed in my backdoor. This way the dog can go out when he needs to potty and can come back in when he is done).

3. Fans – Use fans or a “gel pack” fan covers over the fans. There is a product that fits over the round plastic (or medal) cover of the fan, (that protects the blades from being touched). It’s a thin netting type material, that holds a “gel pack” in the middle. This gel pack can be frozen and put in place on the fan cover. When the fan is turned on, it forces the air to blow on the “gel pack,” and it instantly produces a cool breeze.

4. Garden hose – Use your garden hose to wet down the “underside” of the dog, (belly, inside back legs and up to his chest. Also soak the dogs feet. This helps keep him cooler.

5. Make a pool of water – I fill the front of my kennel runs with water so they can run around in it and stay cooler for a little bit, (until the water leaks out). I do this several times a day, (along with soaking the dogs underside thoroughly each time).

These are just some of the ways to keep your dog safe from the summer heat. For more tips to protect your dog from the heat of the summer sun, along with articles to keep your dogs safe and healthy year round, please visit us at [] and [] where Betsy Reinier’s main goal is keeping all dogs healthy, happy, safe and very spoiled! Your dog will thank you for making his life a better one, now that you are armed with the right information.

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