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Who are the people behind Guess the Dog

This app was created by the humans behind Ernie and Berti your #dogsoftwitter account. We are one Airedale – Berti – one Labrador – Ernie – and a little human family containing my wife, my son and me Gianni.
In 2015 everything started with my passion for social media and my wife’s passion for taking dog pictures. More than 1000 dog pictures and some additional software built the core of the twitter account known as @berti_and_ernie with more than 125k followers now.
At first all was about my two amazing dogs.

Berti the anxious but loyal Airedale Terrier. He has a troubled past and we found him on a rescue page for Airedales in need. He was only 10 months old but till today (he is now 9 years old) we have to deal with the things that happend to him in that short period of time. He has many fears and we can only guess what caused them. But his heart is golden and it is a pleasure to be his trusted human.

Ernie the wild and crazy Labrador. He is the firstborn of his litter and was wild and energetic from his very first moments until now. He can pull you around for hours if you do some canicross with him and he is always willing to help you in the kitchen. He has killed countless electronical devices, loves to chew plastic to shreds and sleeps every night in his humans’ bed.


But then I started to share pictures of other dogs. I called them #dogfriends. And they rocked. So as soon as I discovered a method to build an trivia app it was time to honour the #dogfriends with their own application: Guess the Dog.