Bobbie’s tough journey by Karen Cooper

Hi guys here is my bobbies journey that I dm you about.

Bobbie is my miniature poodle who has been on a tough journey the last two years, in Dec 2015 following a couple of weeks of having a limp bobbie had a cruciate ligament implant  in his tight knee it went well and was having a good recovery then unfortunately in May 2016 his second knee went and another cruciate ligament implants was done but this time it wasn’t such a quick recovery and he needed months of physio to help, obviously I was a worried mess often crying about him and the guilt for putting him through the pain but we got there but then the worst was to come. The 16th of July 2016 will always be etched on my brain because it was the day before my birthday and he couldn’t drink so off we went expecting a bad tooth but they found a growth, that really did it fir me went to pieces because after all he had been through and now it seemed I’d loose him to cancer,but miracles happen and after having it removed and a week of crying, no sleep and not eating for me his vet rang with the results and he Was in the clear even the nurses cheered

Now despite a monthly arthritis jab and daily pill he is my bobbie again running jumping telling me what to do with his fun loving character still in tact and he loves his visit to the vet and all the attention he gets. Being disabled myself he is my baby and my world I love him more than words can say.

All our love 

Karen cooper and little Bobbie 


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