Clem Fandingo – The story of a service dog in training by @CFandingo

Clem Fandingo – The story of a service dog in training

Hello, My name is Clem & I live in Australia with my Dad who has severe PTSD. I help Dad by reminding him to take his medication, pick up things he might of dropped (He is a bit clumbsy) open doors and help him chill out when his stress levels get too high. I also look after Mum and my human sisters. It was a bit of a shock learning how to play with kiddies, especially when they pull my ears but I love them and the games we play like fetch and tug o’ war. My Mum loves that I’m helping & that makes her feel better too. I’m always looking out for my family and I am lucky to have found them. They are lucky to have found me too! BTW- I have just gotten over my fear of escalators & now can help Daddy around much quicker! Or I just sit on Daddy’s feet at home and keep him safe and loved. Much love from Australia! Clem


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