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video shows extremly tiered german shepherd puppy
This super sleepy puppy refuses to wake up and leave. Hilarious!
video shows german shepherd solving the big stick puzzle
11-month-old Zena proves that dogs can think laterally by working out how to over come an obstacle. If only she
video shows german shepherd who is totally amazed by the reunion with his human
Watch this dog (and a few others) react with total happiness! The German Shepherd hadn't seen his owner in months!
video shows a doggo who is carried down an escalator
Check it out as Argo is carried down London’s tube escalators. Adorable! This is what true friendship looks like. You
video shows german shepherd playing whack-a-mole
Would you dare to stick your finger through one of these holes?
video shows german shepherd playing with his kids
All little ones want to do is play. Whether it's a human or not, most young animals love to play,
video shows young german shepherd who is chasing his toy without mercy right on his owners lap
German Shepherd chasing his toy goes south. LITERALLY!
video showing puppies chasing a girl
If those dogs were grown up we would call this a stampede, but now it's just the cutest puppy attack
thic video tells a story about a dog who defended his home against an intruder.
They Came Home To Blood All Over The Walls And Assumed Their Dog Was Hurt, But They Were Wrong
dog video showing a german shepherd swiming in the mud
In typical dog fashion, this German Shepherd just can't resist a giant puddle of mud. Bath time coming up very
video about a thirsty owner and his helping dog
This 10-month-old German Shepherd fetches water from a pantry and brings it back to its owner. So smart and helpful!
dog video with a Labrador and a German Shepherd
This hot and exhausted Labrador is taking his sweet time at the water fountain, making a German Shepherd wait in
dog video showing a reunion between a german shepherd and his human
Just take a look at this huge German Shepherd’s reaction when he sees his owner after three weeks apart. He
dog video featuring a german shepherd and his owner in a splendid reunion
This is how 1-year-old Zeus greets his owner every day when he comes home from work. There is a lot
An adorable video has emerged of a unique bedtime routine one emotional canine has to perform before going to sleep.
When Bakersfield-based animal rescue organization No Kill Kern received a call about a German Shepherd living in a field, they
Check out this German Shepherd's response when asked to point out his best friend. Let's just hope the feeling is
When Chevy’s owner says “Let’s take a selfie”, the pup responds in an adorable way. Everyone nowadays takes selfies, and
Maya, a three-months-old German Shepherd, discovers a water bottle for the first time in her life. It comes naturally to
Samantha the German Shepherd doesn't take sass from anyone. Watch how she reacts after this person barks at her. Priceless!
Check out how this German Shepherd reacts to a video of some crying puppies. Priceless!
A resident of Rhode Island Joe Corsi recently bought a security camera to monitor his home while he is outside,
A German woman tells her dogs:' Go wake daddy!' and the mayham begins. There's no way you're going back to
video shows the rescue of a german shepherd
Weighing only 53 pounds and diagnoses with mange, bacterial infections, anemia, as well as a host of other issues when
video shows german shepherd puppy that lerns to play the piano
It really is hard being a dog these days, you know? People never seem to understand you. All they ever
video show german shepherd in freeze state
Check out Meeko's reaction when a slice of cheese is placed on top of her head. What a priceless reaction!
video shows german shepherd who loved to be dragged by a leash
Info from Licensor: "I do this exercise with my dog since she learned to do some retrieval. It's something she
video shows german shepherd with his farm animal friends
Here comes a compilation of the most beautiful moments of Charon the black German Shepherd with different chicks and animal
video shows german shepherd who watches over some chicken
The new year has begun and new friends have arrived for Thorin and Charon the gentle German Shepherds. Check it
video show cute fight between dog and cat
A little tough love never hurt nobody. Bathilda the cat and Frasse the dog couldn't agree more!