Great Danes are gentle giants who easily catch everyones heart. Especially when they try to sit on your lap. Here you can watch our greatest Great Dane Videos.



Great Dane puppy saves man from the doghouse on Valentine’s Day
There is no need to run to the store for an ordinary card. More
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this dog video shpws two great danes who get a little to exited when some chicken is delivered
Great Dane delivery training doesn’t go as planned
Ellie and Mikey the Great Danes are still working on their chicken delivery skills. Now that he can stand up
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this dog video shows a great dane who is taken for a walk by a 3 year old boy
Toddler takes gentle Great Dane for first walk together
Three year old Jake loves dogs and Ellie the Great Dane loves people. Watch and enjoy the start of a
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Great Dane and puppy best friend snuggle together
Check it out as Mickey and Ellie snuggle up in bed together. What better way to spend a rainy day?
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Curious cat checks on snoring Great Dane puppy
Check it out as Jack the cat comes in to check on Mikey who is snoring and running in his
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Cat guards Christmas tree from Great Dane puppy
Watch and laugh as Jack protects the Christmas tree from Mikey the puppy. In the interest of the tree remaining
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Great Dane plays in doggy bed with puppy friend
Ellie the Great Dane is getting very good at multitasking while playing with her best friend Mikey. Watch and laugh
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Great Dane not allowed to swim, expresses his displeasure
Lip reading Great Dane Max doesn't like what his owner tells him! So funny! More
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Great Dane totally decimates bed, acts totally innocent
Ellie looks totally shocked and innocent as her owner discovers the exploded dog bed and de-stuffed stuffed animals. It's a
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Grumpy Great Dane Doesn’t Let His Owner Sleep In The Dog Bed
  Apparently, Henry’s bed is his one and only true love. Check out what happens when his owner tries to
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Foot-stomping Great Dane wants to play right now!
Mikey and Ellie the Great Danes love to play together. In a performance that would make River Dance proud, Ellie
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video shows jealous great dane
Great Dane extremely jealous of new puppy
Talk about a drama queen! Bagira the Great Dane is super jealous of the new puppy in the family, that
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video shows how a sueaking toy make a great dane howl
Squeaky toy sends Great Dane into howling fit
Mikey the Great Dane loves to play with his toys, especially this mouse squeaky toy. Watch, listen and laugh as
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video shows great dane who hides between his toys like E.T.
Great Dane hides in toys just like E.T.
Watch and laugh as Ellie snuggles up with her stuffed animals trying to get some sleep while Mikey pesters her
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video shows snoring old great dane
Elderly Great Dane snores away in front of the fireplace
Briva is a great Dane who has achieved something remarkable. She will be 13 years old this summer. This is
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Great Dane & puppy cuddle up for nap
Ellie and Mikey the Great Danes are so in love with each other. After a busy day of playing they
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