“Nobody Loves Me Like My Dog!” – A Song For All Dog People

“Nobody Loves Me Like My Dog!” – A Song For All Dog People

Contribution by  @Goofball_Island

We are Goofball Island from Brooklyn, NY.  We wrote a goofy dance song about the woes of online dating called Nobody Loves Me Like My Dog.  In the world of dating apps, one may feel like a kid at a candy store but the unlimited options can become daunting very quickly.

Our 80’s influenced dance song captures the spirit of Blondie meets The Muppets and finds humor in the struggles of searching for the best partner in the jungle.  The Protagonist in the song was even crushed by the gentlest of the animal kingdom thinking she had learned her lessons after meeting her share of tricksters.  She went from a very tall gentleman to a comedian, then she was tricked by a slick player just when she thought she had cleverly dodged a fake prince with a French accent.  All along, her most loyal and loving companion was right under her nose.  Nothing beats unconditional love!  Woof!


Goofball Island

Our song is available at the following links:
Google Play:

100% of download profits will go to charities battling the dog meat trade in different parts of the world.


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