Pain Relief for Dogs & Cats

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No one wants to see how loved ones suffer. But a pain relief medication for pets is still not a common practice.
Berti, my Airedale Terrier, is under constant medication for years now and it grants him a happy and fulfilling life. If you have a suffering dog or cat and someone around you suggest to put your pet down to relieve it from its pain you might want to try Berti’s way. I won’t make any promises but it surely can work.

Yes, the video below is sponsored content and I will earn some money if you use this link, but Berti and his story are real. After an operation at his hip that went really wrong (the artifical joint broke his left hipbone), we were faced with the truth, that this situation would cause constant pain. We didn’t want to put him down and a second operation was also not possible (to much damage at his hip, no stability), so we decided to take the way of constant medication. Yes, it will cost you money and depending on how long your pet lives might reach the costs of an operation but it is a way to make the remaining time of your pet worthwhile.

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