The Etiquette of Dog Walking

Finally! The weather is perfect. It is sunny, not a cloud in the sky, 75 degrees with a slight cool breeze. The perfect opportunity to get your furry friend out of the house and get some good exercise. You head up to the local park and let your dog have some fun.

We have all been in this position and while it is easy to let your dog roam free, it is essential to still respect everybody else in the park as well. You think you have the cutest pup and we agree! However, there are some people who might not want to pet your dog or be near your dog because of allergies, stigma, or some other reason and we need to be aware of this and respect other people’s space. We see all too often the owners who let their dogs roam wild and approach other people and it is not a pleasant sight. There are many ways to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

Our favorite technique to use when walking our pup is to keep them on a short leash when we notice that people are approaching. This will allow the interaction to go one of two ways: you and the other person walk by each other or the person asks (hopefully) to pet your dog. If they show no interest in your pup, that’s OK! They are still awesome dogs that will get even more love from their owners. Knowing what to do when someone asks to pet your dog is a different story.

The most important thing is that you know your dog better than anyone else, so you are aware of how they act with people. There is no shame in telling the other person if your dog is not friendly with other people. It is totally understandable, and it is for the best that the other person is aware of this because if your dog hurts them in any way, it will not make for a pleasant situation for any party involved. However, if you know your pup is good with people, you can invite them to pet your dog if you wish but, we recommend keeping your hand on your dog’s collar as to maintain control over the situation. Chances are the situation will go smoothly but, always air on the side of caution.

If you maintain control over the situation by knowing your pet better than anyone else, your walk on a beautiful day can not only bring joy to you and your pup, but to the other people in the park as well. An active dog is a happy dog.

Below are a couple of links to products we use to help keep our dogs under control. Let us know what you think!

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