The Importance of the Harness – Why a collar might not be enough!

Forty-five minutes. That’s how long it took to get Luna to walk across the park for the first time. For those of you who don’t know how far that is, it usually takes me three minutes to walk. Sure, a lot of this had to do with it being Luna’s first time walking with the leash, but I think the main reason was not having a harness on her. I always just thought that a leash hooked onto a collar was sufficient. Even when she was younger and only weighed about 30 lbs, Luna could pull you like a dog weighing 80 lbs.

Now, couple this force she is exerting on me and my force that I am exerting on her…that’s a lot of strain on her neck. It only took me a couple walks to realize that I needed to get her a harness, preferably one she couldn’t chew through. The difference between a collar and a harness to hook a leash onto is stark. I feel much more in control of her when she wears the harness since I can control her whole body as opposed to just her neck and she seems to enjoy it more than the collar as well. The harness provides a safety benefit as well.

Pulling a dog by the collar with even a little force can cause extreme harm on the neck. Sprains and strains are likely if the collar/leash combination is used frequently. Just think if someone kept pulling at your neck for an extended period of time how sore you would be. So, take it from me, and what one would call “common sense” now, and put your dog in a correctly fitted harness to save you and your dog from unnecessary pain and stress.

I have included the links to our two harnesses below. Just click on the names to follow the link to the pages. (P.S. Luna uses a mesh harness). Feel free to check them out and in the words of Wu-Tang Clan…”Protect Ya (Dog’s) Neck”

Nylon harness

Mesh harness

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