The most effective methods to Deal With Separation Anxiety

The most effective methods to Deal With Separation Anxiety

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Numerous dogs are put to sleep by owners who can no longer figure out what to do with a canine that barks, howls or yells constantly when they are gone, destroys things in their absence and basically makes a nuisance of himself. These people don’t comprehend
that the canine is not being disobedient—he is in all likelihood suffering from separation anxiety.

Pooches are pack animals. As his family, you are his pack. When you leave him alone, he feels lost and terrified. Often loud noises will frighten him. His yelling and destructiveness are the only way he has of showing his displeasure. You can help him to overcome this with patience.

Try to find a room where he feels comfortable—one that isn’t close to a road or other traffic. If possible, buying a crate made specifically for the size of your dog will help him feel more comfortable. Placing a cherished toy and an item of clothing that smells like you inside with him will increase that comfort.
But don’t think a crate will make everything better. Check it! In our case Berti wailed and woofed while he was in the box. We trusted the recommendation of his breeder but a gut feeling made me double check it. Without the crate we were able to build up Berti’s trust and selfconfidence so that we could leave him alone. I used an old-school tape recorder but nowadays you can use gimmicks like this doggy cam. Click!


Start by leaving him only a couple of minutes at a time. He needs to be confident that you will return. You can gradually extend the amount of time as he becomes more comfortable. Praise him greatly for every time he waits quietly.

Activity can ease the situation, too. But how to occupy your dog, while you are away? There are several great toys for this. Some with more high tech some with less but the easiest way to distract him is a Kong. Even the famous dog trainer Ian Dunbar recommends them.
If all else fails, talk with your vet and see if he can prescribe some type of anti-anxiety medication to give your dog when you need to be away.

Your canine can’t help his anxiety. You are his safety and he feels lost without you. Give him time and patience and he will eventually learn to tolerate your absence. There is no reason to have a healthy animal put down because he loves you so much he misses you when you are gone. Work with him. You and your dog will both benefit from this.



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  1. In my experience, there’s not much that can be done for dogs with severe separation anxiety. Either take them with you, leave them with a friend or family member, or keep them in a room or crate where excessive barking won’t disturb neighbors, etc. I have yet to see anyone successfully stop the cycle of constant barking and nervousness in a dog with bad separation anxiety. Unless you want to medicate them down while your out, there’s just not a whole lot you can do.

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